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A choice of Vitcas high alumina refractories

Thanks to products offered by Vitcas it is possible to control fire and excessive temperatures with ease. Apparently, a choice of high alumina refractory mortars and cements is precisely what you need for your furnace or fireplace.
Although many people take fire and heat safety for granted, the reality looks a little bit more complicated than that.

Whenever we’re dealing with a…

Whenever we’re dealing with a fireplace or a typical wood-fired furnace, we don’t really think how hot things get inside. Instead we’re interested in how hot the furnace can make our house preferably in a safe and efficient manner. According to experts, even a typical and very common furnace is easily capable of reaching temperatures way in excess of 1000C. With that in mind, we recommend choosing one of the Vitcas high alumina refractory mortars and cements.

A choice of Vitcas high alumina refractories – gallery

refractory cement


When making our furnace, please make sure that you use the Vitset 45 mortar which is perfect for all sorts of things including patching, coating and jointing. If you stick to the manual and use a 3mm bed for jointing firebricks, you can count on maximum service temperature of as much as 1700C. The Vitset 45 is an air setting cement which means no extra setting procedures are invovled.

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