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A range of vermiculite boards by Vitcas

Vitcas is a widely recognised manufacturer of heat resistant, fireproof and refractory materials that find multiple applications in all industry branches. In particular, we recommend a range of vermiculite boards which is appreciated by many experts all over the world.
The world these days appears to take absolutely for granted everything that is even remotely related to heat or fire.




Apparently, people have got used to living in absolute safety over the years and they find it difficult to even imagine what would happen if we were to abandon the fireproof solutions that are used. For example, the Vitcas company specialises in ( offering very good quality heat insulating solutions including vermiculite boards. The boards are widely appreciated for their extremely low thermal conductivity combined with a very rigid structural integrity.

Interestingly enough, vermiculite is a naturally…

Interestingly enough, vermiculite is a naturally occurring silicate which doesn’t really require too much effort in order to become a terrific heat insulation device. Typically, it is just enough to apply some heat to the silicate in order to achieve exfoliation or simply expansion of the material in question. The resulting piece of vermiculite can be used straight away in its bulk form or it can be furthermore processed into sheets or boards depending on current requirements.

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