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Aspects of fire safety

Although technical specifications of a humble fireplace may sound terrifying due to the temperatures that are recorded inside one, you can be absolutely safe by using a line of Vitcas fire protective materials. We recommend starting with Vitcas fire cement and then moving on to fire resistant boards.
A quick look into technical specs of a typical wood-fired fireplace often turn out to be very unnerving.

Apparently, a typical working temperature of such…

Apparently, a typical working temperature of such a fireplace goes beyond 1000C which is precisely what puts off many people. However, thanks to fire protective materials used by Vitcas, you do not have to worry about a thing. A good fireplace should consist of fire cement which is especially designed to keep all the negative effects of fire and heat away from you and your family. The fire cement has very similar properties to those of firebricks which makes them a perfect match.

Then there are the vermiculite…

fire resistant board


Then there are the vermiculite fire resistant boards. Depending on a particular living room layout, the boards usually go on the outside of a fireplace and they provide a tremendous amount of heat protection. What’s more, they allow just about enough heat to be released into the room and keep everything above that inside a fireplace.

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