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Cooking with Vitcas products

In spite of the fact that Vitcas is primarily known for making one of the best heat resistant materials in the business, the company also offers products for purely home use. An outdoor pizza oven, for example, is a wonderful cooking tool designed to help you cook your favourite pizza in your backyard.
The Vitcas company has been in the business for a very long time now.

Over the decades, Vitcas has made its…

Over the decades, Vitcas has made its name by manufacturing class-leading refractory products. These days the range of Vitcas products includes all sorts of items including refractory cement, fire cement, fireplace bricks and a choice of pre-cast shapes. Speaking of the pre-cast items, we are happy to announce that the items include an outdoor pizza oven as well. Apparently, experts at Vitcas designed a marvellous pizza oven for outdoor use. The brilliant thing about the oven is the fact that it employs the company’s best heat resistant materials.

The walls are made of concrete…

The walls are made of concrete and the fireplace employs a selection of fireplace bricks especially designed to be reliable over long periods of time. Instead of using concrete bricks, Vitcas has chosen porous ones which feature air pockets in them in order to provide even better heat insulation. The Vitcas outdoor pizza oven is a terrific arrangement for all pizza enthusiasts who wish to have a go at the cooking process themselves.



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