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Fireplace bricks – how can you clean them?

It is absolutely normal that fireplaces in our houses need to be cleaned from time to time, especially if they are used not only occasionally, but rather often( and during winter it is a very nice thing to have a working fireplace, isn’ t it. ). Unfortunately, fireplace bricks tend to be quite difficult to clean from smoke and soot, but below you can find some advice regarding the best ways to clean them without much effort and to restore their full glory.
The first thing you need is a bucket filled with warm water and a brush( preferably as stiff bristled as possible ).

Using these you should try to…

Using these you should try to remove as much regular grime as you can. It is very likely that some stains and dirt will not be cleaned, so if there are any soot stains, try to remove them by placing children’ s modeling dough on them( remember to remove the dough carefully in order to not damage the top layer of the bricks ). In case there are some smoke stains, you can try to remove them by using baking soda mixed with water and scrubbing the stained fireplace bricks with the received paste( key is to use enough water ). Any stains that still remain after the above methods were used may have to be removed by using a commercial fire brick cleaner, but try to use it only if anything else fails and remember about rinsing the fireplace with clean warm water at the end.

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