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Managing fire with Vitcas insulating boards

A typical fireplace or furnace easily generates lots of heat. In fact, temperatures way in excess of 1100C are nothing unusual which is why you need to take a serious approach and use purpose made heat resistant materials in order to stay safe.
Most people are usually unaware that their fireplaces and furnaces can get properly hot at times.

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According to experts dealing with…

According to experts dealing with fire-related threats, temperatures exceeding 1200C are very common and for this reason purpose-made materials should be used. At this point we would like to recommend to you the range of Vitcas products which are perfectly capable of handling the excessive temperatures both fireplaces and furnaces generate. Of course in order to get maximum structural integrity, you must go for refractory cements and fireplace bricks. Please observe the fact that using regular mortars and bricks can pose serious threats to you and your properties.

Finally, you must think about…

Finally, you must think about heat insulation. A choice of Vitcas fire resistant boards offers products with extremely low thermal conductivity. As a result, the heat is released slowly which is good from the economical point of view because you save energy. What’s more, excessive heat is kept where it belongs which is inside a fireplace.

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