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Protection against fire and excessive heat

Thanks to modern technologies and companies such as Vitcas we can all enjoy warm radiators in winter and we can sit next to a lovely fireplace when the weather outside has gone nasty. The range of Vitcas refractory cements and mortars keeps using furnaces and fireplaces safe and efficient.
Although we have used fire for ages, it still can pose a threat if the safety aspects aren’t taken very seriously.

Whenever we’re dealing with high…

Whenever we’re dealing with high temperatures and open fire, there’s always a risk of damaging your property or hurting yourself. Luckily, companies such as Vitcas offer a whole variety of refractory materials which help to keep all sorts of furnaces and fireplaces under control. At this point we would like to wholeheartedly recommend a line of Vitcas refractory cements ( and mortars.

Unlike regular cement, the refractory option was especially design to withstand ultra high temperatures in excess of 1000C. The technology used by the Vitcas company features high alumina which gives high temperature resistance.

What’s more, using Vitcas refractories also helps to protect the bricks inside furnaces and fireplaces from cracking or even braking due to high temperature exposure. The most popular option is the Vitset 45 refractory mortar which is recommended for jointing, patching and coating.

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